Sunday School

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First Communion
Baptized Christians of all ages are welcome at the Lord’s Table for the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Christ invites all of us to receive the gifts of bread and wine – the body and blood of Christ. Periodically, we offer classes for parents and children of all ages and provide resources for families, to help them share God’s Love and Grace with their children as we receive communion. If you or your child want to receive Holy Communion, please have a conversation with the Pastor.





For parents of 7th and 8th graders, we invite you and your students to engage in a Faith Formation process where students actively engage in the life of the church and Affirm their Baptism. There is more information in the Discipleship section of the website.

Middle School
We have an exciting and active middle school program. Our middle school Sunday School Program meets every Sunday during the school year from 9:45 to 10:45 am. All youth in grades 6 to 8 are welcome to join us. Contact Donna Drucker at or call the church office for more information. Check the calendar for other middle school events as well such as lock-ins, movie nights, service projects and outings.

High School – CY (Christ’s Youth)
Teen Cafe – Teen Cafe takes place during the school year in our youth lounge every Sunday from 9:45 am to 10:45 am. Teen cafe is open to any high school aged youth from grade 9 to 12. At teen cafe, high school youth connect with each other and share their faith journey in a fun and relaxed setting. High school youth learn and share God’s vision for us in a modern world. We discuss important issues in the lives of teens today. Teen care participants have the opportunity to get more involved in the church. In the past our teen group has participated in 5k Runs, put on a services for the church and wrote, directed and presented a Drama at our contemporary service. Our focus is on Mind, Body and Spirit. Our weekly meetings in Teen Care are fun, exciting and meaningful. Come and join us any Sunday.

Christ’s Youth – is a fun evening out with friends. Christ’s Youth A.K.A CY is an opportunity for teens to come together and share in some fun activities and service projects. We get together once per month for fun and socialization during the school year months. During our events we have had, overnight lock ins, canoe trips, Christmas and Year-End Parties and a lot fun activities. Homework a concern? Do now worry, before our meetings we often have tutoring and homework sessions where youth can help and encourage each other. Come out and join us anytime! Check the calendar often for upcoming events.

For more information on high school programs, contact Donna Drucker at or call the church office.



Women’s (LIFT)
Ladies in Faith Together (LIFT) is open to all women of Christ Church. We welcome gals across all life stages. This is an informal gathering of women coming together for the purpose of encouragement, devotion, bible study and fellowship fun in a warm and inviting atmosphere. LIFT meets the first Wednesday of each month at one of the member’s home. For more information, please contact Linda Rand;

Men’s Tuesday Morning Small Group

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  • Tues AM

Christ Church Preschool

The purpose of Christ Church Preschool is to afford each child the opportunity to experience the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ through a caring Christian environment staffed by people who are dedicated to affirming each child as a unique child of God and to encourage spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical development with respect for that uniqueness.

Christ Church Preschool aims to expand the child’s perception of God, of him/herself, of other people and of the physical world in which God has placed him/her.

Activities and experiences will be oriented to goals specified in the curriculum guideline and a balance among large group, small group, individual work and play will be incorporated into each day’s indoor and outdoor activities. Rest and nap time are incorporated as appropriate in full-time and extended part-time programs.

Children will be given freedom to create, explore and experiment in their world of reality. Opportunities will be provided for each child to learn to accept individual differences, make choices, to choose his/her own activities and to foster his/her growth toward independence.